About the Founder




By Christine &  William Roberts

The stage is set, the lights go dim, the worldwide audience awaits in hushed anticipation for the curtain to go up as an entirely new animated magic with a message comes to life. Drama, suspense, humor, and a story line with a compelling message will capture the mind, imagination and conscience of a new generation of animal lovers and care-givers. Judge Leo™ and his World-Animal-Court™, where “animals are prosecuting humans for cruelty to animals” will soon become household names.  They will revolutionize the way we think about animals and will have an enduring impact on the quality of how we treat animals; 

Judge LEO’s favorite quote is : 
“To see EVIL and not call it EVIL is EVIL,
not to SPEAK is to SPEAK,
not to ACT is to ACT !”  
Dietrich v. Bonhoeffer

Henry B. Carlton has invested the past 20 years of his life to further this project, because he took literally the truism that “we preserve what we love; we love what we understand; we understand what we have been taught”. He is the master teacher and story-teller who will take us on a journey to the other side and allow us to experience a whole range of emotions and revelations in a world where roles have been reversed.
Henry Carlton is a highly motivated and successful entrepreneur with a unique depth of expertise and experiences. He is determined to leave his mark on the world. Though involved in the creation and management of several successful corporations, dearest to his heart always was the well-being of animals. 
The concept of animated cartoon movies and television series set in a veterinary clinic, run by animals themselves would capture the imagination of children and in the process educate them and their parents. Doctor Wooff and Nurse Meow™ were born! Along with the rest of the cast of enchanting characters in the daily life of the clinic, they would educate their audience in the real life responsibilities involved in proper animal care and the difference love can make.
While the goal of teaching children about proper care of animals has obvious merit, Henry was not satisfied with reaching only the young. As he researched his project, he was startled by the correlation between animal abuse and domestic violence. It gave him new drive to bring his projects to adolescents and adults as well, but he realized he would need a slightly different approach.
Judge Leo at the World Animal Court™ is the embodiment of Henry’s impassioned commitment to expose the ugly reality of animal abuse and to give a voice to its silent victims searching for justice. Coming to life through the lens of Henry’s creative imagination and perceptive understanding of human and animal nature, the dilemma will be exposed and the heart and conscience of the world will be pierced with a new understanding of the toll it has taken.

Over 20 years ago he claimed the one enduring legacy of his birthright, his American citizenship and moved from Germany to the United States, where he now lives in Florida. Here he established his core team of national and international creative associates and together they bring all these wonderful animation projects to life.